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Renolog Tablet- 1 Tab


Renolog Tablet is used in the treatment of chronic kidney disease. Renolog Tablet contains “Alpha Ketoanalogue”, and it works by prevents the unnecessary increase in urea levels in the blood due to the intake of non-essential amino acids in patients of kidney failure, thereby improving renal functions.

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Renolog  tablet contains

    • Calcium-3-methyl-2-oxo-valerate= 67mg
    • Calcium-4-methyl-2-oxo-valerate-=101mg
    • Calcium-2-oxo-3- phenylpropionate= 68mg
    • Calcium-3-methyl-2-oxo-butyrate =86mg
    • Calcium-DL-2hydrooxy-4-butyrate-59mg
    • Lysine Acetate = 105mg
    • L-threonine = 53mg
    • L- Tryptophan = 23mg
    • Histidine = 38 mg
    • L- Tyrosine = 30mg
    • Total Nitrogen Contents = 36mg
  • Doses:- As Directed by physician
  • Store in a area protected from light and moisture and temperature not exceeding 30 degree centigrade.


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  • Alpha Ketoanalogue

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