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Moisturex Syndet Bathing Soap-75gm


Moisturex Syndet bar is a skin friendly soap bar. It has a PH 5.5 which is friendly to skin. Moisturex Syndet bars are made using blends of synthetic surfactants and formulated and produced differently than that of traditional vegetable soap bars. Syndet surfactants are derived from oils, fats, or petroleum products that are processed in a wide range of chemical processes other than traditional saponification.

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It’s major Ingredients  are  Sodium Cocoyl Monoglyceride Sulfate, Sulfosuccinates, Alpha Olefin Sulfonates, Sodium Cocoyl Isethionate, Alkyl Glyceryl Ether Sulfonate, Betaines etc.  Unlike other soaps, regular use of Moisturex Bar keeps the skin Healthy, Soft and Supple.


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