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I Know Ovulation Kit-Set of 5 Strips


Ovulation Kit contains 5 pregnancy Testing strips which helps in planning pregnancy by identifying the best days to get pregnant in a month.

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How to use:-

  1. Calculate the date to start testing
  2. On the calculated day put the 3 drops of urine in the slot of the strip.
  3. The best time to conduct test is afternoon
  4. Read the results with in 5 minutes and discard the device
  5. Interpret the result as instructed in the box

How to Read the Result:-

  1. If you get single pink line in the C, this means your  fertility days have not started
  2. Continue to test again on next day
  3. If you get two pink lines in C & T, this means your fertility days have started. Please plan unprotected intercourse. The fertile window lasts upto 5 days
  4. If you get no line, this means the test is invalid. Please retest on another device.


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