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Dr Willmar Schwabe India Acidum Lacticum Dilution 12 CH


Dr Willmar Schwabe India Acidum Lacticum Dilution is a homeopathic medicine which is a remedy for a variety of problems. The use of genuine raw materials makes it free from impurities. It is effectively used in treatment of diabetes and arthritis. Acidum Lacticum helps in reducing frequency of urination in night.

Key Ingredients:

  • Lactic acid
  • Ethanol
  • Water

Key Benefits:

  • Helps in treating morning sickness
  • Cures troubles in breasts
  • Treats conditions pertaining to vocal cords
  • Heals pain, swelling, stiffness and tenderness of the joints
  • Useful in nausea and vomiting
  • Manages blood sugar levels
  • Aids anaemia and paleness
  • Treats the problem of excessive urination

Directions For Use:
Dosage should be prescribed by a physician

Safety Information:

  • Read the label carefully
  • Self medication is not advised
  • Do not exceed the recommended dose
  • Keep out of the reach of children
  • Avoid any kind f strong smell in the mouth while taking the dose

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