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Bjain Collinsonia Canadensis Globules 200 CH


Bjain Collinsonia Canadensis Globules 1000chThis is medicine is used for multiple ailments. This is more effective especially for chronic ailments and urinary tract problems.This is also good for edema.

Key Ingredients

  • Extracts of rich weed or collinsonia canadensis
  • 20% alcohol

Key Benefits

  • It is best used for chronic ailments
  • It is used to treat urinary tract problems and kidney stone
  • It is used in treatment of edema

Directions for use

  • Follow the instructions given by the physician with out fail
  • Do not take any strong foods like garlic onion ginger half an ahour before and after the medicine

Safety Information

  • Keep in a dark cool place
  • keep out of reach of children
  • Follow doctors advice while taking this medicine

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