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Allen Gynical Uterine Tonic




Heavy irregular bleeding, with pain in the lower abdomen or back

Difficulty urinating and moving bowels, incontinence, backaches, bleeding between periods, chronics and abnormal bleeding.


Each 5ml. contains:
 Ashoka jonosia Q 0.01 ml.
Abroma augusta Q 0.05 ml.
 Aletris farinose Q 0.10 ml.
 Caulophyllum Q 0.10 ml.
 Hydrastis canadensis Q 0.050 ml.
 Pulsatilla Q 0.050 ml.
 Viburnum opulus Q 0.050 ml.
 Magnesia phosphorica 3x 0.050 gm.
 Nux vomica 2x 0.050 ml.
Helonias dioica Q 0.050 ml.
 Mercurius solubilis 3x 0.050ml
In Syrup & Sweetener Base.

Dosage- One or two teaspoonful after food thrice a day or as directed by the Physician.

Use under medical supervision.

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