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ADEL Anaemia Care Combo (ADEL 14 + Five Phos Biochemic Tablet 6X)


ADEL Anaemia Care Combo contains ADEL 14 Ferrodona Drop and ADEL Five Phos Biochemic Tablet 6X.
ADEL 14 Ferrodona Drop
ADEL 14 Ferrodona Drop is indicated in cases of anemia due to iron deficiency, poor nutrition, bleeding and all other causes.
Ingredients: Arsenicum album 12X, Ceanothus americanus 5X, Cinchona succirubra 4X,Cobaltum nitricum 6X, Cuprum sulfuricum 6X, Ferrum metallicum 12X, Manganum aceticum 6X, Natrium muriaticum 12X.
Directions for use: 15 to 20 drops, 3 times a day in 1/4 Cup of water.
ADEL Five Phos Biochemic Tablet 6X
ADEL Five Phos is used in the conditions when patient faces nervous exhaustion, weakness and debility. Also used in chronic diseases that cause muscle wasting and weight loss.
Directions for use: As prescribed by the physician.
Use under medical supervision.

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